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Mariner’s Blend

Our signature house blend. A smooth, easy to drink, predominantly South American based coffee without bitterness, for all occasions. Plenty of body and good as an espresso with enough acidity to cut through in milk based coffees. This blend is an excellent all-rounder.  

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Captain’s Blend

A smooth full bodied distinctive blend that exhibits sweet and syrupy flavours best suited to complement a milk based coffee, but still great as an espresso.

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Mocha Java

The name says it all! The world’s oldest and many would argue the best coffee blend. The lively Northern African beans perfectly blended with the fuller bodied, softer and earthier tones of a quality Indonesian coffee. Well balanced and great as espresso or with milk.

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Espresso Blend

A rich, full bodied Italian style espresso with a twist. This coffee develops a great crema, has little or no bitterness, but still has enough brightness in the cup. Also great with milk.

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Single Origin

Our current single origin is a superb Yemen Mocha that is everything one should expect from an heirloom micro-lot of this origin - flavour, body, balance and complexity.  This exquisite coffee must be tasted to be truly appreciated.

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  The finest Decaf available, produced using only the Swiss Water Method and roasted to perfection. You will not believe this is decaf – try to tell the difference.

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